Monday, May 27, 2013

Black & Whites


I bought this at Marshall Land Company a couple of weeks ago. Marshalls is owned by a demolition contractor and they save EVERYTHING from demolished commercial buildings. A very cool place if you have a creative, handy man in your life (I don't.) I swoon over the big red shutters & old school house lighting that just itches to become something great.

I can't put my finger on why this picture stood out for me. It's probably the abandonment and simplicity of it. It looks like something I may have taken if I happened up on it. The matting is a little destroyed at the bottom, but I'm sure a framer could fix it. It's 13x9. Pretty good size.

Mrs. Mitchell

This rocking hair belonged to a neighbor when I was a child. The couple sat on the porch, holding hands, rocking every evening. When I returned home as an adult, the wife died & her husband sold her chair to my mom. When I moved into my first house, my mother gave it to me. I'd say it was meant to be in my life long before I realized it, huh?

The circle of life.

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