Friday, March 15, 2013

Cleansed.... for now. :-)

I shed tears for my friend, Cassie, today when she shared on FaceBook that her chemo was being discontinued; it's not working & the cancer has spread. The last 3 weeks of chemo has been "HORRIFIC" (her own words) with lots of pain, hair loss (again), and things I couldn't imagine feeling.

Yet her spirit SOARS! Her faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ & our Heavenly Father NEVER wavers. She is proud to let go of the chemo so "she can get back to being herself." While the rest of us read her words & cringe, she uses them as a bold testimony.
Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. -- Psalm 30:5

I took a break from work, went outside & let my tears cleanse my soul. I wept because of Cassie's fight to live with all her might while I live life so cautiously.

She is as we speak, planning on walking the Nike 2013 marathon (without her cane) and being victorious. My constant lesson to be learned from her illness is to get to living!! Here I am doing well, healthwise, and there she is struggling to live, yet SO vivacious!

I found this beautiful post on "Tears Cleansing the  Soul" @ the Joyful Shepherd blog. Please take a second & read it if you can. It brought me so much comfort. And if you feel 'teary' at times, hopefully it will comfort you, too.

Peace, light & love to you, Cassie, my sweet warrior!

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  1. perhaps Cassie unfriended me but I don't see her on FB anymore; I am so sorry to hear this news. I was not aware she was continuing to undergo chemo. Please keep me posted. Where is her cancer in her body?

    1. Hey sis! You know, I'm not exactly sure WHERE the cancer is in her body as she has Multiple Myeloma, which is cancer of the blood. She has already endured two bone marrow transplants, both of which failed. She was part of a case study which involved her flying to New York twice for treatments, but the doctor said it was no longer working & he was taking her off the study. She's still looking for a donor & have asked all of us to get tested to see if we match. Her brother wasn't a match for her & obviously Bryanna can't help either. A few years ago, she had to have BOTH femur bones in her thighs replaced, hence her walking with a cane cause her bones are very brittle. The doctor is VERY against her doing these Nike walks, but she's determined, "IJN" (in Jesus' name - her words). Lol. She's so STRONG - hence my tears. :-)

      I will keep you posted for sure.



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