Sunday, April 8, 2012

Giving thanks

 Happy Easter, all! I happened upon an Easter Egg Hunt during my walk yesterday. Lucky, lucky me!

 Complete with "Mr. Bunny."

 This one is my favorite. Painted plastic egg.

However, I bow my head & clasp my hands in prayer of thanks to our Savior for dying & rising on this day for us. He lives eternally, especially in my heart. Happy Easter to you and your families. Enjoy the day! :-)


  1. Seems to me that you would have given away all the hiding places by taking the photos! ;) Happy Easter.


    1. LOL! Sharon, I think I did, but these kids were having something else going on; eggs were EVERYWHERE and no one was going for them. I tried to point out one to a boy and he looked @ me like I had 3 heads, so.... I just snapped away & stayed out of it! :-)



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