Sunday, December 4, 2011


Even though it's raining now, the first 2 pictures are from this early morning. It's amazing how the weather changes. As you can see, my Mighty Willow still bears leaves in December, so hopefully, that means winter will be kind to us.

I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but I was offered an opportunity to shoot pictures for a local website connected to our newspaper. I came by this when I entered a daily photo challenge & the editor asked me if I would be interested in shooting outside of the contest.


However, after many emails & a meeting with the editor, I found myself overwhelmed by the offer. He wanted me to; get myself set up & connected to a lot of the networks out there (Twitter, & about 5 others), get my own domain, drive here, drive there, take this, take that. This would not be for pay, but for photo credit.

After thinking on it for a few, I decided that I can't handle all that he is asking. I am truly flattered that he likes my stuff, but I do work 8 hours a day, I do have a relationship, & I do have a son deeply involved in sports.

The editor, who is a super nice guy, told me he would be open to any ideas I have of what I would like to shoot, and if I were consistent, he would give me my own link at the site. He then gave me his card & told me once that happened, I would have business cards as well.

Now this sounds like a blessing of all blessings, but I cannot agree to something that would wear me so thin. I would nearly have to be childless, jobless & single to pull off what he's asking.

I would like to do this, but it has to be on my time. I would rather do my own thing & let him post it @ his site & he give me a shout-out, but it can't be "a job." He was very interested when I mentioned I wanted to shoot the historical churches in our city. And he asked me to be on the look out for "peace poles" to shoot :-). I guess they are very rare & scattered about the County.

Photography is a huge source of my joy. I am never less than super grateful when folks comment on my pictures. I am blessed to always see a picture somewhere, in every thing, every day, all day.

Pictures by: me (the last 3 are of the Art District Downtown & ones I have submitted to the "398" Photo Challenge.)
Sunday Scribbling word prompt: "joy"


  1. Such clarity, Tracey, the pictures just draw you in! Beautiful, joyful work.

  2. Hello.
    Too bad about the shoot opportunity. I'm sure with your talent, another door/window of opportunity will open.
    Awesome photos!
    Thanks for sharing.

    For ref:
    Our Candlelight Of Love

  3. Thanks, everyone! And Andy, they say when one door closes, another will open; keeping my fingers crossed! :-)

  4. Your photographs are beautiful. I have no doubt that a better opportunity will present itself to you.

  5. Thank you, Traveler. You just gave my confidence a huge boost!! :-)

  6. Maybe something will work out in the future. I've got my fingers crossed for you. :)

    Hugs, Sharon



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