Saturday, November 19, 2011

Soulful Surroundings

Architecture, of all the arts, is the one which acts the most slowly, but the most surely, on the soul Ernest Dimnet

I took these pictures back in August during a self-imposed photo walk. it was a BEE-U-T-FUL evening for it. The church is the fantastic St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. We have quite a few very historical, ornate churches in the City. Hmm.... I think I just sparked a photo project... (wheels turning). The carvings & details amaze me.

Otherwise, I got a few more things for Thanksgiving dinner. So much smarter than waiting till the last minute. I feel a little self-conscious when I 'entertain' @ my house - I'm always seeing what's 'wrong' with my place as opposed to just enjoying inviting folks over.

At the last minute, I also decided to send out Thanksgiving cards. I usually don't do that, but buying one for a friend lead to buying one for all. Just as I finished a batch, the mailman came, so I was able to get those right out the door.

I'm truly thinking of sending a random card to my neighbor whom I haven't spoken to in nearly three years. She is an old crab (LOL!), but I don't like not being neighborly. You know, that whole 'love they neighbor" thing....

Pictures by: me :-<>

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  1. Beautiful is oh so right! Happy Thanksgiving (and don't worry about your house)!

    Hugs, Sharon



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