Friday, August 19, 2011

Forgetful Friday: Thankful Thursday :-)

Maybe one day, I'll actually remember to post on Thursday! :-)

I am filled with thanks (yesterday & today) for:
  • the beautiful sunrises I catch as I drive in to work
  • the beauty & mystery of a spider web. spiders are the master architects
  • my flowers that greet me when i come home each day
  • the hundreds of bumble bees that love my morning glories
  • the awesome 'color wheel' of my peppers from the garden. God truly created nature's Crayola Crayons!
  • my Gabriel's Trumpets that bloom year after year.
  • uplifting a friend who is down
  • being a part of my extended Special Olympic family
  • the love I feel from friends & family
Until next week, friends! :-)

Pictures by: me :o) (click on spider web to see better shot. I took this in bright light @ 12 noon. learning so many things with my camera)


  1. Thanks, Deb. See ya next time :-)

  2. Love your list and the photos! The pepper photo made me catch my breath! Lovely.


  3. Thanks, Sharon. I owe Thankful Thursday to you! :-)

  4. your friend is lucky to have you - picking her up when she's down - now that's what friends are for.

    love your list, and pics. one love.



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