Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love Thursday: Judgment

In light of the jury verdict in the Casey Anthony matter, it amazes me how hate runs rampant. I believe when we hear even the most heinous news in the world, we need to hold in and redirect the hatred in a more positive direction. We are no better than one another to judge, no matter how easy it is to go with the directional flow.

This case, as in the O.J. Simpson case, and as in a local case in Cleveland of accused serial killer, Anthony Sowell, brings out droves of folks to camp out in front of court houses screaming hatred. Really? What does that show, and what does it really accomplish?

In the Casey Anthony case, we know that a precious little girl died, we don't know at whose hands even though with all that the media has shoved down our throats, we cannot point a finger at her mother, uncle or grandparents. We hear more sordid details of matters, of folks' lives, their skeletons & bones in their closets than we really need to know, and this makes us judge the person under the spotlight.

But remember - God said HE is the judge and the jury of all. Vengence is his only. So when I hear news about this and that, I don't jump to judgment - I pray for all in the situation and let it go. Because one day - everything will come to the light of day for all of us, so we need to worry about getting ourselves in check & not judge others.

On this Love Thursday, this is my message. Let's try to form a chain of love - like the Morning Glory vine in my front yard. This morning while I had my coffee & photoed these, this post came to me. Peace, blessings and certainly - Love Thursday. :-)

Pictures by: me :-}. the first Morning Glories of the season. They will cover my entire row of shrubbery in the front yard. Each year, the colors blend from deep purple to nearly light/white blue. Truly "glory-ous!!"


  1. Lovely garden Tracey..I hope they grow up strong..court cases can become media frenzies..particularly it seems when women are implicated in a crime..thoughtful post..Jae

  2. I like the idea of being a link in a chain of love.

  3. Beautiful post and pictures.

  4. I wrote similarly...

    And here's my SS contribution:

  5. Love your thoughts on this, Tracey! I totally agree.

    And I love how those leaves are heart shaped!



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