Friday, February 18, 2011

Believe it

Happy Friday, all. Remember my friend, Cassie, that I've spoken of here? The one that was making her way through the battle with cancer?


She updated everyone yesterday to let them all know that she went to follow-up visit with her doctor and... she is.... now, cancer free!!!!! Reading her words brought such joy to my heart, I almost exploded!! The joy in her words were so strong, they jumped off the screen right into my heart! This is all we have been praying for is for her to heal.

I think back over times @ City of Hope when I truly did not think she would ever see the sun rise the next day. That's how 'close' she was. I told her my dreams/prayers for her was that one day, she would be well, resumed her law practice, have found "ill-patient friendly" housing close to her law firm (easy on the pockets), it would be a beautiful day and she would live close enough to walk down the streets, cane free, with the sun shining on her.

I know God is always at work on us and in us, but I feel like I've never seen Him at work in a person's life like I witnessed with Cass. Maybe it's because she was ill and shared it so deeply with us, along with her very strong faith, that it was so evident that she was going to recover. Any and everything that hindered her recovery was taken care of in ways that could be nothing more than God & his Angels. Powerful stuff!

Her experience taught me, again, that when you ask God for something....

... you better be ready

... cause he WILL give it to you.

And that, my friends, is a good thing! :-)

Pictures by: me :-) (the beautiful Greek church is near the office)

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  1. What wonderful news! I'm celebrating with you Tracey! Hugs to Cass and to you!




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