Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wild Horses

I said farewell to a friend this evening. A big gathering of people sharing their love and remembering him. A slideshow slid pictures of him in slow motion while the song, Wild Horses played in the background. An easel held a huge collage of him as a beautiful little boy, as a teenager, then as the guy I knew. A lot of sadness.

Then there was me. LOL! I have such hilarious, funny, charming & deep moment memories of me & him. My heart does hurt, but when I think of him, it's always something funny. We laughed. Everyday. So in the middle of it all, I made his parents, his girlfriend & a couple of his friends laugh - just off of stuff he had told me about them. It really broke the ice.

For a minute.

Now that I'm home w/a little card w/his handsome face on it, sadness keeps wanting to take over, but I'm not letting it. To think less than 2 weeks ago, he turned me on to some guy named Les Claypool (amazing bassist) who made songs called 'my name is mud', & 'jerry wants to be a race car driver' (wth?), & we turned it up on his computer & jammed.

See? Good memories, like that :-)
pictures by: me


  1. God Bless your friend, you, and everyone!!!

  2. thank you, Lon. He was very special to all of us & will be greatly missed :-(



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