Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wait Until Dark...

I previously mentioned here about my love of old, classic movies. The other night, this classic came on & immediately took me back to my teenage years. Me & mom used to settle in her bedroom & she would school me on all the old stars.

This movie freaked me out! This beautiful, blind woman living self-sufficiently on her own had drug dealers in her home looking for planted drugs. She had no idea they were there, yet they stood in the shadows. I was terrified! I asked my mother what they wanted & she said heroin that was planted in a teddy bear - I had no idea what heroin was (LOL!), but the whole pretense was erie.

That movie introduced me to Efrim Zimbalist, Audrey, & Richard Crenna. So when it came on the other night, I stopped what I was doing & watched the entire movie.

And pretended like I was sitting in mom's bedroom w/her, fearfully hugging the pillows.

And it was a beautiful flashback. Thanks mom.

Sunday Scribbling word prompt: "flashback"


  1. How nice to have things you love to remind you of people you love :)

  2. Tracey, I found your blog via Sunday Scribblings and just spent the last twenty minutes prowling around and reading. I throughly enjoyed myself. You have a great writing style and a good sense of humor - two of my main requirements for following a blog.

    As they used to say back in the day.

    Write on!



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