Monday, August 16, 2010

The View...

Greetings! It is a glorious day out today her in the Hall of Fame city! Temps & humidity have dropped considerably making it a perfect day.

Found a gem of a new site called Sunday Scribblings designed to give you blog topic ideas. I'm up for the challenge & hopefully will keep you all interested in reading my psycho-babble :-)

This is my view from my porch and yard at dawn. I love being the first person up & out in my neighborhood. I like to take my coffee & camera out & catch the world waking up. Of course, the birds & bees have been up, so the only sounds are them & me slurping coffee. It's in those quiet, precious moments that I take the time to sit and thank God for all;
  • waking me in my right mind;
  • giving thanks that I'm able to get out of bed (there are many that can't)
  • we have our health
  • we have breakfast to eat before we start the day
  • we have clean water to drink & bathe in (keep Haiti & other war/disaster torn places in your prayers. there is SO much we take for granted here in America)
  • we have employment to provide what we need (again - many, many folks don't; pray for them, too)
  • we travel safely through the day & return to our homes to relax & have dinner
  • I thank God & let him know that I'm acutely aware that my every movement, being, thoughts & breaths are marked & measured by his Grace & he cannot be thanked enough
  • I ask Him to stay in my heart & soul throughout the day and trust that he will
That perfect 1/2 hour of total meditation & awareness of being in the moment gives me the strength I require to get through each and every day.



  1. Tracey, as I read this and admired your photos, I smiled because I know exactly this time of day that you are talking about - the magic of the early morning when the day is full of promise! Definitely one of my favorite times as well.

    It has been a pleasure reading your posts and getting to you a bit better - I love how much you have shared in this space and I look forward to your future posts!

    I love your space here!

  2. I love your morning view - I'm an early morning person too. I walk at a local track as soon as it is light and love to see the trees and sky and smile and nod at the other regulars. I'm thankful that I am walking to stay healthy and wonder about the lady with the wig and the knee brace who walks slow but does so every day. I wonder about the lady who looks to be close to sixty that can probably outwalk me. I am thankful that I can go to this place and walk without fear. So many things we can be grateful for. Thanks for this lovely reminder and welcome to Sunday Scribbling!

  3. Mrs. Jarrett - I.Am.Honored!!! Thank you so much for the kind words, it means a lot. I'm sure I remember a post of yours about your love of the early a.m. It's a magical time, isn't it? No matter how rushed & behind I am some days, I always have to take a few minutes to myself to sit & take it all in. Thank you for stopping by - certainly do come back! Your blog is a jewel to the blog world! :-)

    Ms Martin: your mornings sound lovely as well. I, too, live very close to a walking track set in a beautiful park. I'm thankful to have access to such a serene place to take in the beauty & be reminded of our blessings. Thank you for 'coming over':-), please come back. Sunday Scribbling is amazing; so glad I stumbled upon. An amazing, inspiring, thought-provoking writing exercise & a great way to meet new blog friends = priceless!



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