Monday, August 9, 2010

Inner celebration...

Today is my one month anniversary of no alcohol intake. I don't mention it to anyone (unless they ask). My follow-up blood work is scheduled for 8/20/10. Even if my red blood cell numbers are down, I cannot return to having anything to drink. I have been too resolved to keep it out of my life, and my health depends on it. It's also interesting watching "D" struggle w/his own health issues based on my changing. It's definitely spun our relationship around 360 degrees. I know that red wine is good for you & an occasional drink here & there can't hurt, but I know me. And I know the only way any of it can be good for me is to leave it right where it is. On the stores shelves.

So as long as the sun shines, let there be sun tea!! With crushed lemons & ice, of course!

1 comment:

  1. sending positive vibes your way. congrats on hitting the 1 month's to the next step.

    one love.



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