Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Mighty Maya....

This beautiful woman is my cousin, Maya. We have grown to know each other thru FaceBook where I discovered a host of relatives that I never knew. As I stumbled my way through the world of cyber connection & found a bunch of folks whose blood coursed through my own veins, it was like a whole world opened up. Everyone was as curious about me as I was them. Why did we share the same last name, yet wouldn't recognize each other on the street?

When you're a product of divorce, you tend to lean toward the parent's family who you have constant contact with. Not thinking or giving it any thought that you have a whole ton of family on the other side of "you" who exist as you do, yet don't know you exist either.

Enter Maya. We were immediately curious of each other and spent time asking & answering questions about ourselves, family, extended family. Through the keyboard, her heart was big as all out doors. She made you smile & feel welcomed into her life as if she has known you all her life, even though we have yet to lay eyes on each other physically. She has a way of taking whatever worries you & putting it to scripture that makes you wonder why you ever worried. She calls this picture of herself "Humbly Bowed." Very appropriate.

I'm blessed to have Maya in my life; she is completely spiritual, inspirational, smart, very funny, poetic, honest, straight-up, down-home, shinning, positive, beautiful & loving. Even though I've never been within one foot of her, I can feel the heat of her presence thru cyber.

Today (after she had to 'reel' me in - once again), I told her I wished we lived close so I could draw off her super nova. I know if we were near, we would be peas & carrots.

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. Aristotle

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