Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Lista de la Vida"......

...which translates into "life list" in Spanish. Again, I was catching up on Karen @ Chookooloonk's posts & thought I'd steal her idea. Well... I guess it's not actually stealing as she invites everyone to try it, but I was so inspired. Here we go; I know I won't be able to chalk up 50 of 'em in one sitting (unlike my 61 Simple Blessings), so I'll have to update as more comes to mind :-}
  1. Travel the islands off the Georgie coast (Jekyll, Cumberland, Tybee. Didn't i just say that somewhere?).
  2. own a really elegant/sexy/silky red dress w/straps that'll make heads turn when I wear it
  3. figure out someplace to where it
  4. Learn to pay the guitar
  5. and the flute
  6. Own a big ole farm house on enuff land to be comfortable
  7. with a big veggie garden
  8. to sell veggies @ a Farmer's market
  9. Help people who are down, like this lady. Food is such an easy thing to do & you can add so much love to it
  10. Make calendars & note cards of my pictures
  11. Go to Aruba
  12. Get braces
  13. spend a month in Italy
  14. and Greece
  15. buy my dream SLR camera
  16. visit Charleston, SC
  17. get my haircut into some type of style
  18. learn to ride a horse
  19. walk a marathon (walk being the operative word)

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  1. walking a marathon is no easy sister and I did the walk for hunger - a 20 mile walk to raise money for the hungry...we couldn't walk for the next 3 days. lol. have fun wid dat. ;)



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